Five Titles to Get a Dude into Comics


So you’re a woman who loves comics, but you’ve got a dude in your life - boyfriend, husband, brother, best pal, roomate or dad - who isn’t. You know what it’s like. You go with them to The Avengers and they have no idea who that is in the final scene. Or you go to see The Dark Knight Rises and you end up having to explain that John Blake, despite his first name, is not in Batman comics. Or maybe they just roll their eyes when you’re diving into your pull and don’t get why your spend time and money on comics. Why don’t they like what we like?

I feel your pain.

So given that we are in the official start of the holiday gift season here’s some suggestions to help you get a dude in your life into comics. This isn’t a list of the best comics or even the comics that will solve all the challenges I’ve outlined above, but they are titles that I think may help nudge the needle on a non-comic reader. Note this list is not exhaustive and is designed to bring readers into an ongoing series. And yes, I’m sure you have some other suggestions. Comment away!

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At first I thought this was going to be satirical, like “Get your guy to actually read Avengers comics instead of just seeing the movie for Scarlett Johansson’s boobs!” but this is actually a legitimate and well-written guide.

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